Revolutionize your ride with Light Wrappers, the world’s first electric wrapping technology designed for automotive enthusiasts. Our patented lighting material effortlessly adheres to any solid surface, transforming your vehicle into a stunning display of innovation. With its ultra-thin and crushable design, seamless panel integration, and waterproof properties, Light Wrappers takes automotive technology to new heights. From sleek exterior enhancements to eye-catching interior decorations on walls, floors, and ceilings – there are no limits to what you can achieve. Unleash the power of Light Wrappers and make a bold statement in style today!

Introducing Light Wrappers, the game-changing electric wrapping technology that transforms vehicles into stunning works of art. With our revolutionary patented lighting material, you can easily apply our ultra-thin, foldable, and crushable panels to any vehicle surface. Seamlessly integrated and waterproof, Light Wrappers provide a seamless glow that will turn heads on the road. Elevate your automotive experience with this cutting-edge innovation – embrace the future of Automotive technology with confidence!


This fully printable film is not only applicable to multiple surfaces but also equipped with a waterproof layer to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions.

Step into the future of automotive innovation with confidence – choose Light Wrappers for unmatched brilliance on every journey.

Our electroluminescent material has set a new standard for outstanding graphics and interior decor. With its complete foldable, crushable, and washable design, Light Wrappers offer unparalleled flexibility.

This full printable film adheres seamlessly to numerous surfaces, boasting a waterproof layer for ultimate durability in extreme outdoor conditions.

Whether you desire remote control functionality or specific voltage requirements, Light Wrappers has got you covered. Step into the world of limitless possibilities – embrace the confidence of cutting-edge Automotive technology with Light Wrappers. Embrace the future with confidence – choose Light Wrappers for an extraordinary automotive transformation!